Friday, August 20, 2010

emo time with Mia

Hey babe ,
I'm writing to you . I wanna tell you , that I still love you , just to ask you . I remember the days , you were my hero in my eyes . I don't wanna to pretend . So this is end of you and me cause you're everything , everything I'm not . well , I'm not perfect like you're so perfect . Thanks babe , I was happy but in my heart is broken . Now wait a minute because of you , I never knew all the things that I had . You broke your babe for life . its not ok . Hey don't you get it . I never felt anything like this before like this love .

sometimes , I forgive . yeah and this time . I'll admit , that I miss you , said I miss you <3

p/s : I'm tired of love , Time for you to go . goodbye

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